Tips For Choosing A Mattress For The Elderly

A good night’s sleep  plays an important role in helping the elderly enjoy their free time with descendants. Therefore, finding out which kind of mattress is suitable for them needs thoroughness and precision. I’m gonna solve all of your questions about which way to choose the best mattress for the elderly. Keep following.

Which Kind Of Mattress Suits The Elderly Best.

No one can avoid the consequences of aging, the bone structure becomes more downgraded. As a result, we shouldn’t choose a mattress which can be  sunk or depressed by body weight because it can do damage to the weak and soft bones of the elderly, especially the spine. Now, on the market, there are four common kinds of mattress: spring mattress, rubber mattress, cotton mattress, and foam mattress.

When buying mattress for the elderly, you’d better prioritize  foam mattress and rubber mattress over two left kinds.

Rubber mattress is suitable for the elderly because of the moderate firmness and it doesn’t sink  when someone lies atop it . Elasticity, durability of rubber mattress keep customers’ backs straight, so spine will be kept  shape, the elderly won’t have backache after a sleep. Among rubber mattresses, 100% natural latex rubber mattress is prefered than other rubber mattresses which is made from many unknown chemicals. This organic mattress not only supports bones but it is also friendly to the environment. However, natural latex rubber mattress is quite costly, about 1200-1800$ for one.

Some famous natural rubber mattress brands you may want to consider:

Awara: 1,200$

Avocado: 960$

Cedar Natural Luxe: 2,900$

Birch: 1,300$

Zenhaven: 1,300$ +++

Foam mattress is manufactured by the most up-to-date technology in the world. Before the technology used for making foam mattress became prevalent  in the mattress industry, it was utilised in the universal industry. Scientists took advantage of this technology to significantly reduce the vibration affecting astronomers’ body while launching the spaceship. Foam is more elastic than rubber and more durable than metal so that it can absorb and decrease pressure considerably.

Foam mattress supports, embraces every parts of the elderly’s body so it can lessen the risk of spinal diseases. Furthermore, foam mattress is much cheaper than natural latex rubber mattress, very affordable. However, its quality can’t be denied, it is as excellent as the natural rubber one. If your budget is still limited, foam mattress must be on your top-list choice.

Apart from the benefiting  the elderly, foam mattress is worth buying for patients who are bedridden. Foam mattress can cool down heat, diminish friction, easy to clean.

The elderly shouldn’t use spring mattress. This type of mattress creates vibration while users moving their body, so they sometimes feel quite dizzy. Almost every old people will suffer back pain if using this kind of mattress, especially who have bone-related diseases at young age.What’s more, spring mattress causes noise when users move body. This weak point affects others, not merely who uses it.

Weight of spring mattress is another point that we should take into consideration. To fulfill the demand of the elderly, we have to often clean the mattress because dirty mattress is the perfect environment  for bacteria to grow. Yet, spring mattress is really heavy, it is not convenient for cleaning.

Some Notices for Choosing Mattress


Not just the elderly, even the middle-aged, teenagers or children need to use mattress that is airy, sweat-absorbing t so that every sleep is truly comfy and relaxing

Appropriate Thickness

Mattress for the elderly should be not too high  or too low because it can interfere with their moving. The recommended height is about 10-15 cm. This height range is also supportive to the ariness of the mattress.


Color affects our moods so when choosing mattress for old people, we should opt for  products that have cozy, warm color because these color create elegance. We should avoid colors that are too bright or dull because these colors may make the elderly feel insecure and leading to the lack of sleep.


Caring for our grandparents or parents is not an obligation. This is our voluntary action of showing our gratitude to them, who have strived to make our life better. The way we care for our beloved predecessor will decide whom we would become. Choosing the best mattress for them is also an regarding way to show our respect. Hope that after this article, you will know which type of mattress should be used for the elderly in your family.

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