15 Best Foundation for Memory Foam Mattress 2020 Reviews

You can place your mattress on the floor without any support, and that’s fine. However, it might not give you the best service since it might not be sturdy enough. It is also not advisable to keep them directly to the floor since the mattresses do not breathe well, and the moisture can eventually form molds.

The same case applies to when we keep the mattress on the bed frame without foundation; there’s less comfort since the sheet occasionally falls off from the mattress, and that’s where using memory foam mattress foundation becomes crucial.

Top Foundation for Memory Foam Mattress

A mattress is one of the essential determinants of peaceful sleep and so are the mattress foundations. Now that you have understood the key factors you should consider, let’s have a closer look at the 15 best foundation for memory foam mattress to check out for.

Zinus Boxspring

Zinus understand what to do, and what not do when it comes to sleep. The company makes impressive mattresses, and so it’s not amazing that their mattress foams are among the best in the industry.

If you have a staircase or tight hallway to your bedroom, worry no more! The packaging is quite compact making it easy to maneuver through the narrow stairs. The package includes all the assembly tools required; hence setting it up does not consume time.

The foam feels and looks like the typical box spring; the only difference is that it’s made of steel. It is therefore durable and can stay intact through several mattresses. Zinus Box spring comes in different sizes; hence you not be troubled looking for the right size for your mattress.

PragmaBed Foundation

One of the most notable features of this mattress foundation is its ability to fold small. In fact, when it’s folded, it can easily fit the car’s trunk. The bi-fold foundation is also amazingly strong. How strong? It has a powder coating steel frame with a distributed weight of 1200lbs. Apart from the extremely thick metal, the metal powder acts as hypoallergic as well as a deterrent to keep off dust mites and bed bugs.

Unlike the other memory foundations, PragmaBed Foundation assembling is very easy as no tools are required. More to that, it has capped feet which prevent damaging the hardwood surfaces and floors. It is the best choice for renters or college students since it’s easy to carry around.

Classic Brands Instant Foundation

If you prefer wooden foundations to the metal ones, then this is an excellent choice for you. While the assembly process might look complicated at first sight, it’s very easy to put in place as all the required tools are included in the package.

It is made of pure solid spruce; thus it’s strong enough to hold even the bulkiest mattresses. You don’t have to worry about your mattress sagging while using this memory foam foundation; it is supportive enough thus the mattress lasts for an extended period.

Additionally, Classis Brands foundation is shipped in a small parcel making it possible to pass through narrow staircases. Made by the Pennsylvania Amish, this is just another example of high-quality artistry.

Pragma Bed Quad Fold Foundation

Most customers have not yet heard much of this product before since it’s relatively new in the market. The pragma guys are propping high in the market regarding price, the quality of their products is on point. The foundation is made up of a solid four-way foldable metal frame which is to set up.

All units of this product are coated with a light powder to keep off bedbugs and also improve the hygiene of the beds surface. Apart from its exceptionally low price, it is lightweight making it easy to carry around to different destinations.

Best Price Mattress Foundation

Looking for something portable? Then you might consider this one. The foundation can collapse thus making it easy to move it up and down the stairs. Also, the chances of scratching and dinging the walls while carrying are quite low. It has a firm material steel frame as well as wire slats which offer maximum support for your mattress.

It might be surprising to see how small the packaging box is, but yes, it is flexible enough to fit in thin boxes. Assembling it is also not a struggle; as you simply have to unfold it, spread and sleep!

Lifetime Sleep Products Box Spring

Lifetime is the ideal mattress foam for those who like low profile wooden profiles. It has a low profile foundation if 4″ inches, hence it’s the best choice for the extremely thick mattresses.

This product is also designed for easy transportation after dissembling. This means that you won’t experience the tight squeezes when moving to the bedroom. You will also not be worried about the angle to approach the hallway through when you intend to pass the box spring through the door.

Lifetime is one of the top products suitable or small living rooms. Just as the name suggests, this foundation has a lifetime guarantee.

DynastyMatrress Wood Box Foundation

With a 20 years warranty, DynastyMatrress is an incredibly sturdy and comfortable to assemble foundation which can outlive two or more mattresses.

Unlike other foundations, it is not made up of two thin smaller pieces combined; rather it’s made up of one large part. It is made up of durable solid spruce which has been sanded to a smooth and beautiful finish.

With a weight of 66lks, this foundation can hold and offer maximum support to different type and size of mattresses. That’s not all; the foundation has fire retardant cover which provides extra safety.

Continental Sleep Box Spring

Looking for a standard box spring-like foundation? Then this might be what you need. Continental sleep provides all the same benefits offered by several collapsible foundations.

Notably, it is easier to carry around since it is split into two. Also, it’s highly convenient because it the package comes fully assembled. No manuals, no tools. It is literally ready to use foundation which can be used immediately one it gets in the bedroom.

You can choose either to place it on a metal frame or directly to the floor. You can also place the foundation on a full bed frame; thus, its convenience surpasses that of the standard box springs.

Classic Brands Hercules Foundation

One of the best features of this foundation can be used either with a bed frame or in its own. It’s highly versatile. Not yet decided on whether to add footboard or headboard in the future? Don’t worry; you can just purchase the additional hardware and attach at the right place of the frame in the future.

It’s also worth noting that this foundation provides adequate under bed storage of approximately 13 inches. This is great particularly for the kid’s bedroom or other rooms where the small pieces need to keep under the bed it is also easy to assemble, easy to store and fits well in the narrow spaces.

Zinus Bed Frame

For a unique polished foundation which looks more than the primary wood or metal. The Zinus Bed Frame would make a great choice. It has a low profile bed base of 13 inches, and thus it works well whether in the presence of a box spring or not.

Apart from its wooden frame, the foundation contains slats with four stylish legs which elevate it well from the floor. Additionally, it is designed with a highly versatile fabric, usually gray, which readily contributes to the focal point of the bedroom.

It is more than the primary platform; hence it is an ideal alternative to getting the actual bed frame. Zinus is sturdy enough meaning it can hold all type of mattresses- latex, memory foam, or spring

Sealy Ease adjustable Memory Foam Mattress Base

If you need help with sitting or standing, or when you don’t want to compromise on the comfortability, then this mattress base will get you covered. It has three dual hinges which assist you to prop up your head, legs, and back.

It can also be remotely controlled by the users with impaired movements. This foundation has a high-performance lifting capacity capable of holding up to 650llbs. It also features a zero clearance meaning that its units are specifically designed to fit on all platforms.

The Zero clearance design also reduces the hassles of installing it. In addition to that, it has a USB port making it easy to charge your smart phone/ tablets at the comfort of your bed.

LUCID Foldable Mattress Foundation

With a standing height of 13 inches, this foundation allows enough storage space beneath it. It is also designed to support all types of mattresses, particularly the memory foam ones.

LUCID Foldable metal is a perfect replacement for the box spring foundation and has a holding capacity of up to 1250lbs, although some descriptions indicate it can hold up to 2000lbs.

It is incredibly stable hence no movement sounds produced while sleeping. The assembling process is relatively simple and does not take more than an hour since the necessary tools are provided. LUCID is easy to transport and store because it is foldable.

CPS Wood Products Premium Box Spring Foundation

CPS is a split box foundation with durable solid spruce which can accommodate a wide array of mattresses. Classified as one of the best foundations regarding quality, it comes with a high-quality, eco-friendly cover. It is made of a robust and rigid material thus it does not creak or shake when you move on it.

Initially, it was made to replace the traditional box foundations which are impossible or difficult to pass through the narrow spaces. Due to its easy collapsible nature, it takes ten minutes or less to assemble, with no need of special tools. If need be, it can be folded again for storage purposes.

Brooklyn Bedding Foundation

If you need a designed merely foundation, then you should consider one. It has two outstanding motors located at the head and the back of the foundation. However, you can use them manually if not interested with the electric design.

The foundation delivers center support for different types of mattresses including memory foam, hybrid mattresses, innerspring and latex. Its highly durable cover has a zip which makes it easy to assemble and remove it.

The Brooklyn foundation will be the best choice for you if you are planning to replace your old foundation with a new one. With an approximate low profile height of 6.5 inches, it is the best for kid’s beds as well as the aged.

Divano Mattress Foundation

This is the perfect choice for a studio apartment or dormitory room where the storage space is quite limited. It is exceptionally portable making it extremely easy to move it from one room to another or even dorm.

Also, the Divano mattresses foundation does not require a single tool for the assembly. It has T shaped legs as well as a secure locking system capable of holding up to 5000 pounds at a go.

Importance of Memory Foam Mattresses Foundations

Occasionally, some people get hyped due to unawareness of this item. Although there is still scarcity of getting the exact info, we are committed to reaching you with the right guidance. So, why should you need a foundation for your mattress?

  • Provides added support – A mattress foundation acts as a cushion to prevent the mattress from sagging. It also provides the support you require for comfortability.
  • Increases the life of the mattress– A perfect sturdy foundation keeps the mattress intact by absorbing the excess weight and motion, which allows it to maintain its shape longer.
  • Adds height – A mattress foundation can increase the height of the mattress by up to 16 inches, thus, makes it easy to move in and out of bed. Most nightstands are designed with the assumption that you are already using the foundation, and therefore the height is the same as that of the bed.
  • Maintains your bed in place – The best foundations prevent the mattress from moving around when you get in or out of bed, or while performing other on-bed activities.
  • Helps with cleanliness and airflow – Raising the mattress from the ground protects it from dust and dirt. It also promotes the air flow making thus preventing the occurrence of molds.

A set of challenges can come up when choosing a new replacement for your old foam mattress. It can even become more daunting when you don’t know the foundation which fits your needs well. To ensure that you don’t end up with an unstable or irritating memory foam mattress foundation, consider these factors you when purchasing the foundations.

Type of mattress

Some foundations don’t work well with certain mattresses and vice versa. For instance, most memory foam mattresses provide the best results when used on flat and solid foundations or the floor. Although most foundation brands will include the type of mattresses that should be used alongside with, it’s important to notify the seller about your mattress to get the best advice.


Look at the foundations material. What is it made of? Multiple materials are used ranging from wood to metal. Although the choice might entirely depend on your interests, select the foundation that will serve for a more extended period. Also, make sure that the material used is comfortable and does not slip. An ideal material should also have a good texture and be easy to wash.

Design, shape, and size

Alongside other stuff, the sleepers should have an ergonomic design and proper adjustable which can hold different mattresses. The foundation’s size is also crucial. You don’t have to select a small foundation and assume that it will fit well in your mattress. If possible, carry the measurements of your bed to help you in finding the best foundation.


Is the foundation sturdy enough? The best choice should be able to accommodate different weights. However, as much as you want the most stable, let it have a lightweight which can allow you to move from one place to another with ease.


All foundations don’t have the same warranty. In fact, among our best products collection, the warranties range from three months to lifetime. This means that the foundation can outlive the mattress.


Some foundations (particularly the adjustable fancy frames) are quite expensive and might cost even more than the mattress. However, you can acquire a decent foundation for several dollars. While it’s not a must to skimp on the foundation, there are plenty of pocket-friendly options available.


There you go! With the above-discussed products, you can decide which one will work well for you. However, if you still can’t figure out which one will be the most suitable for your mattress, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to a mattress foundation provider to get recommendations.

Let them understand what you are planning to purchase, your budget and the size of your bed as well. Even if you don’t like what they back you with, it will at least narrow your searches.