Tips For Choosing A Mattress For The Elderly

A good night’s sleep  plays an important role in helping the elderly enjoy their free time with descendants. Therefore, finding out which kind of mattress is suitable for them needs thoroughness and precision. I’m gonna solve all of your questions about which way to choose the best mattress for the elderly. Keep following.

Which Kind Of Mattress Suits The Elderly Best.

No one can avoid the consequences of aging, the bone structure becomes more downgraded. As a result, we shouldn’t choose a mattress which can be  sunk or depressed by body weight because it can do damage to the weak and soft bones of the elderly, especially the spine. Now, on the market, there are four common kinds of mattress: spring mattress, rubber mattress, cotton mattress, and foam mattress.

When buying mattress for the elderly, you’d better prioritize  foam mattress and rubber mattress over two left kinds.

Rubber mattress is suitable for the elderly because of the moderate firmness and it doesn’t sink  when someone lies atop it . Elasticity, durability of rubber mattress keep customers’ backs straight, so spine will be kept  shape, the elderly won’t have backache after a sleep. Among rubber mattresses, 100% natural latex rubber mattress is prefered than other rubber mattresses which is made from many unknown chemicals. This organic mattress not only supports bones but it is also friendly to the environment. However, natural latex rubber mattress is quite costly, about 1200-1800$ for one.

Some famous natural rubber mattress brands you may want to consider:

Awara: 1,200$

Avocado: 960$

Cedar Natural Luxe: 2,900$

Birch: 1,300$

Zenhaven: 1,300$ +++

Foam mattress is manufactured by the most up-to-date technology in the world. Before the technology used for making foam mattress became prevalent  in the mattress industry, it was utilised in the universal industry. Scientists took advantage of this technology to significantly reduce the vibration affecting astronomers’ body while launching the spaceship. Foam is more elastic than rubber and more durable than metal so that it can absorb and decrease pressure considerably.

Foam mattress supports, embraces every parts of the elderly’s body so it can lessen the risk of spinal diseases. Furthermore, foam mattress is much cheaper than natural latex rubber mattress, very affordable. However, its quality can’t be denied, it is as excellent as the natural rubber one. If your budget is still limited, foam mattress must be on your top-list choice.

Apart from the benefiting  the elderly, foam mattress is worth buying for patients who are bedridden. Foam mattress can cool down heat, diminish friction, easy to clean.

The elderly shouldn’t use spring mattress. This type of mattress creates vibration while users moving their body, so they sometimes feel quite dizzy. Almost every old people will suffer back pain if using this kind of mattress, especially who have bone-related diseases at young age.What’s more, spring mattress causes noise when users move body. This weak point affects others, not merely who uses it.

Weight of spring mattress is another point that we should take into consideration. To fulfill the demand of the elderly, we have to often clean the mattress because dirty mattress is the perfect environment  for bacteria to grow. Yet, spring mattress is really heavy, it is not convenient for cleaning.

Some Notices for Choosing Mattress


Not just the elderly, even the middle-aged, teenagers or children need to use mattress that is airy, sweat-absorbing t so that every sleep is truly comfy and relaxing

Appropriate Thickness

Mattress for the elderly should be not too high  or too low because it can interfere with their moving. The recommended height is about 10-15 cm. This height range is also supportive to the ariness of the mattress.


Color affects our moods so when choosing mattress for old people, we should opt for  products that have cozy, warm color because these color create elegance. We should avoid colors that are too bright or dull because these colors may make the elderly feel insecure and leading to the lack of sleep.


Caring for our grandparents or parents is not an obligation. This is our voluntary action of showing our gratitude to them, who have strived to make our life better. The way we care for our beloved predecessor will decide whom we would become. Choosing the best mattress for them is also an regarding way to show our respect. Hope that after this article, you will know which type of mattress should be used for the elderly in your family.

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Does Adderall Cause Acne? The Best Thing You Can Do To Avoid It

If your doctor prescribed you with Adderall, then most likely it is to help you ease your symptoms of the sleeping disorder or your condition of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Unfortunately, a lot of people who are in the course of Adderall treatment are coming to me and saying they noticed their skin breaking out more often than it used to be. If you haven’t noticed any breakout yet, you’re lucky to belong to few people, but skin reactions can really happen to anyone taking Adderall. There are some users who report they notice changes on their skin while some even notice their skin starting to excrete a different smell.

But the main question is how does Adderall cause acne? Well, in today’s article I will try to answer this question and will also give you some tips on how you can manage it. Are you ready? Then please keep on reading below!

How Does Adderall Affects Your Skin and Cause Break out?

Adderall is a type of stimulant that is being prescribed by doctors to treat symptoms of narcolepsy as well as ADHD. This stimulant is composed of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine, both can help stimulate your central nervous system.

For instance, Adderall stimulates your brain to help you increase your ability to stay focused on whatever activity you are doing. If you are suffering from sleeping disorders, Adderall is helpful in keeping you alert all throughout the day.

However, Adderall comes with various side effects which some those may lead to acne breakout. Let’s checkout out below some of the most common side effects of Adderall.

Adderall increases the level of your blood sugar.  

Adderall tends to trigger your body’s fight or flight response, as a result, your metabolic demand will increase. So it’s not surprising at all why the amount of glucose in our body skyrockets when we are taking Adderall.

And we know well enough how high levels of blood sugar can trigger our body’s inflammatory response that can lead to clogged pores. Take note that acne itself is a form of inflammation.

But this doesn’t end there; too much sugar in our body may damage the nerves of our digestive tract, which may result in constipation. Constipation is one of the sources of several skin problems. Since your body can no longer properly eliminate any waste products, it tends to store and build up the waste. And once your kidney and liver get overloaded with these toxins, your skin may need to help by purging them out.

Adderall can make your skin dry.

Amphetamine is a stimulant that has been known to cause dry skin. When there is not enough moisture in your skin, your skin’s protective barrier which is the lipid layer will critically weaken. Once the barrier gets compromised, it will now have difficulty keeping out the viruses, bacteria, and fungi. And when these toxins get their way to your skin, you guessed it – acne will happen.

Adderall will discharge your body’s stress hormone.

As I already mentioned above, Adderall will place your body into a fight or flight stage. Adderall does this by releasing quite a lot of stress hormones. Cortisol, which is a notorious culprit of acne, is among these stress hormones.

An increase in your cortisol level will make your sebaceous glands excessively active. As a result, you will be producing too much oil that will lead to clogged pores. Moreover, cortisol will also cause the production of unwanted blood sugar to your system. And we already know how this can cause disorder to your skin.

How Can You Manage the Adderall’s Side Effect That Is Causing Acne? 

I know you’re thinking of now when does acne stop. So I have here some helpful tips on how you can reduce the Adderall chances of causing acne.

Lower down your stress level. 

You can do deep breathing a number of times every day to reduce your cortisol levels; this will also help you improve your clarity and focus. What’s great about this method is that it doesn’t involve any machines or equipment; you can easily do it anywhere and anytime.  

You can also meditate to help you manage your stress and keep you relaxed.

Manage your constipation problems.

Constipation commonly happens when your body is not receiving enough water. So make sure that you increase your water intake.

You can also take warm water with lemon. Lemon is a great natural laxative that will help you stimulate your digestive system to aid your slowed bowel movement. Peppermint Tea is also highly recommended digestive stimulant.

Relive your dry skin.

Since Adderall is now keeping your skin dry, all we can do is at least fight it. If you love taking hot showers, then I suggest you limit your time enjoying hot showers since it will only increase the problem. Hot showers tend to suck your skin’s moisture.

Make sure you also develop the habit of applying moisturizer. This will help you increase the strength of your skin’s natural barrier so it will be able to defend against any bacteria that may cause acne.

Avoid alcohol-based toners and astringents as well as they will only be stripping your skin’s moisture. Choose alcohol-free skin care products.

It’s quite surprising how almost anything today can result in a breakout. Do you know even shaving can cause you acne? Anyway, if you are really getting loads of acne and it is starting to affect your self-esteem and relationship with other people, I suggest you discuss it with your doctor on what actions you should take. He can, for instance, give you a prescription that will manage both your health issues and acne breakouts.

Final Thought

So there you have it, the answer to how does Adderall cause acne. Adderall is an excellent choice for a drug when it comes to effectively managing your ADHD and the symptoms it comes with. So it is quite unfortunate how the benefits of this drug might also result in undesirable effects like acne.

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you manage your acne problems while taking Adderall. Let me know if you still have any more question about Adderall in the comment section below and I will try to answer you the best that I can.

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Modern Glass Kitchen Decoration by Opticolor

The sophistication in the design of a modern kitchen visible in our post below. The use of glass with a variety of shapes and colors change a kitchen design that special. OptiColor Its modern design and sleek glass makes it more interesting. Reflection of light seeded with OptiColor glass material. OptiColor Glass Kitchen designed with modern concepts. OptiColor glass material used to provide color and tastes a high shine. The kitchen is equipped with a glass back splash OptiColor almost red.

Some of these designs is the socket also shows clipping. In addition, this kitchen design that matches OptiColor cutting boards and window sills. Kitchen Design OptiColor Glass available in various attractive colors. Here is a kitchen equipped with a back OptiColor glass splash of lime green, white kitchen design, black current, red orientation, dove gray, white mint, and a kitchen equipped with glass splash back OptiColor ride.


Hunters Hill House by Stanic Harding

Modern home design bright on my post below is a design house by Stanic Harding Architects. Development of the basic design of the house with a white color and a charming interior design make this home as a comfortable dwelling. This project involved the total remodeling of a dilapidated, unremarkable 1950′s house on a waterfront property adjacent to Tarben Creek. The challenge was to create a light and airy home on this steep south facing site while maintaining connections to the garden, water and city views.

A series of three distinct pavilions were formed linked by two open courtyards allowing the house to gradually step down the site. The courtyards let sunlight enter the house via the extensive glazing on the northern facades. The transparency and deep modulation of these facades offers protection from summer sunlight while permitting winter light to reach deeply into the house. The courtyards provide access to level gardens and external living spaces so important on such a sloping site. The waterfront terrace of the original house was maintained to offer a connection to the waterfront garden and the city, water and bridge views beyond. Many existing trees and plants on the site were retained and the landscape design intent is to return the waters edge to its original state.

The ceiling treatment in the public spaces is designed to enhance this circular sense by installing thin, flush fitting fluorescent strips radiating out to the perimeter. This provides for a stronger and cleaner ceiling plane that is contributing to the quality of the space. The use of the low pitch skillion form gives the house a subdued presentation to the harbour and neighbouring properties while the street frontage is deliberately restrained as a considered contemporary insertion offering limited visual access to the house beyond.


Frida – Contemporary White Kitchen by Cesar

Maybe you agree with contemporary kitchen design from Cesar is unsurpassed. So I conclude, in view of their kitchen design concept. Frida kitchen this time I will show to you, one of the luxury kitchen design from Cesar. Frida kitchen predominantly white  for every kitchen cabinet, so it looks clean and bright. Explanations for any kitchen design Frida under my picture show, and enjoy this contemporary kitchen.

Base and tall unit doors in gloss clay; a servo-drive mechanism opens base units while a push-pull device opens tall units. Glacier White finish Corian top and peninsular unit top. Gloss clay lacquered island shelves. White Ovale island hood.

Base and tall unit doors in sliced zinc ash that open thanks to a white aluminium grip recess. Gloss clay wall unit door with a push-pull opening device and a grip groove. White laminate top. Sklok wall-hung hood built into the wall unit.

Sliced cocoa ash base and tall unit doors, Vetro handle. White etched glass Luce wall unit doors with matt aluminium frames. White etched glass top. White silk-effect lacquered peninsular unit top. Stainless steel Twin hood.

Matt white base and tall unit doors, integrated handle. White Unicolor top and partition. White open unit. Mira wall-hung hood.

Matt white – grey oak door. Handle integrated in the door of base units and push-pull mechanism on wall units. Unicolor white top and shelves. Matrix hood.

Light oak door. Luce door with white lacquered glass on tall and wall units. Handle integrated in the door. White lacquered glass top, aluminium front edge. Matrix hood.

Base and tall unit doors in gloss white pine that open thanks to a white aluminium grip recess. Corian Glacier White top and peninsular unit. White laminate shelves. Stainless steel Parentesi island hood.

Gloss white base and tall unit doors. Luce wall unit door in gloss white glass. Polished Profil handle on base units and Cromina handles on the tall units. Graphite Unicolor top and shelves. Matrix wall-hung hood.

Gloss white base and tall unit doors. Matt Profil handle on base units and Cuba handle on tall units. Graphite Unicolor top, food preparation unit and partition. Graphite open unit. Cilindra wall-hung hood.


Sisifo Lamp – LED Table Lamp Can Rotate 360 ​​Degrees

Now in the modern era most people use LED lights for home lighting needs. Because the LED lights more energy-efficient and beautiful design, and the following is a table lamp design with a beautiful and simple design. Designed by Scott Wilson for Artemide, a new typology that combines light duty with a table lamp. With a graceful and powerful light table lamp is also often able to rotate 360 ​​degrees. It may be more suitable for lighting your bedroom.

Description from the designer:

It’s no news that LED lighting is the future as they provide energy efficient solutions. Until recently, LED lighting has been expensive and lacked the quality of light consumers desired. Now, LEDs are able to achieve the temperature and performance quality expected by users and at an accessible cost. By 2015, Predictions are that 50% of US residential homes will be LED. And if one attends any of the lighting trade shows this prediction is reinforced by the abundance of companies showing off their latest LED versions of task lamps, pendants, sconces and table lamps. However, it is overwhelmingly obvious that most current LED-based architectures and designs are derivatives of their traditional incandescent counterparts despite the fact that LEDs offer more opportunity to reinterpret how light is embodied and delivered.

Sisifo, Scott Wilson’s new hybrid luminaire for Artemide, challenges this convention with a new typology of light that blends task lamp with table lamp and leverages LEDs qualities to create a new icon in lighting. Wilson’s vision was to create a large diffused disk of light that gracefully balances and easily rotates 360 degrees to direct a soft, powerful light source.

For more detail information about this lamp visit here: